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Incompatibility Alert


Due to a change in the Javascript engine in the most recent version of Firefox (9.0.1), there is currently an incompatibility with some functionality in Non-Profit Soapbox 2.

Currently, you are unable to use the Save, Apply, or Cancel buttons when editing or adding 1) Soapbox Donation forms; 2) Soapbox Events; 3) J!Salesforce Submit forms; or 4) J!Salesforce Search forms, if you are using Firefox 9.0.1.

You are still able to use the Save, Apply, or Cancel buttons when editing content, menu items, and slides for Soapbox Slideshow.

PICnet engineers are working now to resolve the issue and make the functions compatible with the latest version of Firefox. We will update this thread as more details become available.

In the meantime, we recommend using an alternate browser, such as Internet Explorer or Safari, if needing to add or edit items in Soapbox Donations, Events, or J!Salesforce.

Thank you,

The PICnet Solutions Team

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    Brad Grochowski


    With the release of Firefox version 10, this issue has been addressed and should no longer be an issue.  If you are still experiencing this problem, make sure you have updated your Firefox installation to the latest version.  If that does not resolve it, please open a ticket at

    Thank you,

    The PICnet Solutions Team

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