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Soapbox 2.2.12: magic for membership organizations


For those keeping tabs on our updates, you know that we're quite enamored with the amazing possibilities holds for nonprofit organizations. Call it a schoolgirl crush but when a hunky, world-class constituent relationship management (CRM) database floating in the cloud offers free or significantly reduced product to nonprofit organizations, we get weak in the knees. And we've been investing in a bright feature with our beau by building robust tools that integrate with Non-Profit Soapbox. This is more than a casual fling for us.

We were so lovesick over the latest of these tools that the mistletoe-fueled holiday hysteria got to our heads and we didn't stop to share the details of a Soapbox update weeks ago - that, and yours truly was making sure he wasn't eaten by a lion while on vacation.

Control website login access based on data

The latest round of wizardry extends the power of the tools in ways that will make membership organizations a touch giddy. We've always been able to connect website logins with Contact records in Salesforce. Now you have more control over who can create those logins, choose to allow login based on membership status, and customize the user experience through the whole process. Somebody not paid up? Your website can tap them on the shoulder when they try to login and tell 'em to cough up the cash before they get access to the goods. Only want folks in your Contacts object to register. Sure thing! It all allows you to control who gets to see website content or Salesforce data - or have access to their own Contact or Organization data in your Salesforce account.

Members add photos and other images to their online profiles housed in

We're also added the ability for visitors to upload images and associate those with records. Think avatar for individual members or a nonprofit's logo for organizational members. It adds some sizzle and personality to membership directories, builds community, and increases identity. Interested in an example? Just ask Fozzie Bear about what a great position that is to be in.

Feeling a little smitten yourself?

Give into those butterflies! Drop us note and we'll chat about how dreamy things can be!

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