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Soapbox 2.2.13: Flexible donation forms, handy widgets made easy


On Monday, we crushed on and shared how we expanded our Salesforce integration tools for membership organizations before the close of 2011.

To show Baby New Year we mean business, we released Soapbox 2.2.13 right after flipping the calendar to 2012. What does Soapbox 2.2.13 give you, you ask? Well, we'll be happy to tell you!

More flexible donation forms

With Soapbox Donations, you can accept donations seamlessly within your website without visitors ever leaving your site - and have the transaction details automatically posted to Our recent release added some additional functionality into Soapbox Donations to make it more flexible.

Custom fields

donation-form-fields.pngThe donation form requires the donor to input their first name, last name, and email address in the Contact Information portion of the form. You can also elect to ask for a phone number and organization. Address information is captured further down the form in the payment section.

With the latest release, Soapbox Donations allows you to customize and enable up to four additional text fields in the Contact Information area whose data is also written to In the example to the right, those custom fields are for the annual budget of an organization, the number of clients it serves, the name of a primary contact and the Executive Director's name.

Displaying text in default amount options

In Soapbox Donations, you can predefine donation amounts a donor may select or choose to allow them to enter their own amount. In the example to the right, we've chosen to use Soapbox Donations as a means of collecting dues for a membership organization. For that, we've turned off the ability for a visitor to select their own payment. We wouldn't want to allow them to choose their own dues amount, after all!

For the example, we have used the new functionality in this release that allows us to include text in the predefined donation amount options. Now, we can define the membership levels as Silver, Gold, and Platinum instead of simply listing the payment amounts.

Customize form headings

In the donation form, you can now define the heading text that appears above the payment amount and payment frequency options. In the example, we've elected to display Level of Membership and Payment Frequency in these spots.

Customize payment frequency options

With Soapbox Donations, you can accept one-time or monthly recurring payments from visitors. With the latest release, you can now customize the text for these options so it is appropriate for the use of the form. In our membership example, we've chosen to add language that is more specific to the dues transaction.

Handy widgets and complex code easily added with Soapbox Shortcodes

One little bit of magic that we've added behind the scenes is something called Soapbox Shortcodes. Soapbox Shortcodes allows for WYSIWYG editor-safe code that can be easily added into an article or a module that inserts more complex javascript or HTML that has been defined for your site with a visitor views the page. This is super handy in instances where that more complex code is something that might get stripped out by the WYSIWYG editor.

The editor-safe code could look something like this...

This is my article text. It is very interesting, isn't it?

{safelittlecodesnippet}Some text that I want inserted into the fancy, complex code{/safelittlecodesnippet}

And I have yet more to add to this article...

...but translate into any number of things once Soapbox Shortcodes runs it on your site: a Facebook Like Box, a Flickr slideshow widget, or a variety of other options that require javascript or advanced HTML.

We create the complex code and add it to your sit. You click a button to insert it in an article and include any additional text it needs. Handy, ain't it!

What next?

If you'd like Soapbox Donations added to your site, let's talk! Want to learn more about or how our integrations work, hit us up! Think getting us to add a specific Soapbox Shortcode to your site could make your life easier and more efficient, our door is always open!

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