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Soapbox 2.2.16: Geo search your Salesforce data - and more!


With the latest release, we handed our Saleforce integrations a map and, lo and behold, it turns out that Non-Profit Soapbox has a fine sense of direction and distance!

For any object in Salesforce with valid U.S address fields, you can now add a geo search to a Salesforce Search form. This allows visitors to drop in a zip code and a distance in miles or kilometers, click search, and see what locations in your Salesforce data fall within that geographic radius. The results can display an inset map of that location and tell the visitor how far from the given zip code the location falls.

Why would you care to do this? For as many reasons as there are points on a map, my intrepid explorer! As inspiration for this little journey, think store locator tool for earned income projects, or service location finder, or a tool for finding member organizations that just passed Geography class, or a search tool for funded projects across the country that Dora the Explorer would be proud of.

In addition to making Salesforce Search geographically savvy, we've tinkered with the following:

  • Added more flexibility to Salesforce Search forms to allow visitors to return to the results you originally defined.
  • Tossed in an easily accessible icon in the header of the administrator that lets you quickly refresh the Salesforce data Soapbox stores.
  • Made a new home for entering the Salesforce credentials that Soapbox needs to access your Saleforce instance.
  • Empowered administrators for our Soapbox Engage offering to update page titles and menu aliases for Salesforce Search and Submit forms as can be done on our full Non-Profit Soapbox platform.
  • Provided Soapbox Engage administrators the option to display the Salesforce Search results immediately without requiring a visitor to fill out a search form as can be done on our full Non-Profit Soapbox platform.
  • Boosted usability for Soapbox Events and Soapbox Donations by keeping you on the tab you're currently editing when you click Apply.
  • Made it just a little easier for folks to donate to your organization by auto-selecting their credit card type based on the first digit or two they enter as their credit card number.

A bug reported is a bug squished

As always, thanks to Soapbox users who reported bugs. We've squished the following in this release:
  • A pesky issue when attempting to select an article to link to from a Soapbox Slideshow slide after searching for that article in the popup. Thanks, CORE Group!
  • Vanishing user sort options for Salesforce Search forms. These are as visible as visible can be now.
  • An unnecessary Cancel button poking its head onto Salesforce Submit forms has been given the boot. Thanks, Groundswell!
  • Inconsistent results with the search tools in Soapbox Mapper have been resolved.
  • Issues with links from the Salesforce Search module to their Record Detail views have been resolved. Thanks, Active Minds!
  • Special characters, such as the |, can now be used in email confirmations and thank you pages for Soapbox Donations. Thanks, Groundswell!

Finding geo search on your site

If you're interested in integrating your Soapbox site with Salesforce so your visitors can have fun with zip code searches as well, let us know!
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