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Soapbox 2.2.18: Gold medal in form flexibility


We've been watching a lot of Olympics these days. We've been particularly inspired by Gabby Douglas  with her embodiment of flexibility and grace.

Behold, what a little inspiration yields as Soapbox Donations, Salesforce Submit, and Salesforce Search all gain a bit of flexibility and grace of their own through the latest release:

Soapbox Donations

  • Easily customize any and all text on a Soapbox Donation form. Now THAT'S flexible!
  • Accept payments in U.S. dollars from any country. How very Olympic in spirit, eh?
  • CC or BCC staff members on payment confirmation emails sent to the payee
  • Enhanced form validation gracefully slides up the page to display a message to the end user and clearly highlights fields that need attention, if something is missing or incorrectly entered
  • Disabling of the submit button so donors don't press the button multiple times for multiple donations, if the form takes awhile to process
  • Place an individual Soapbox Donation form in test mode
  • Choose to display the Soapbox Donation form in two columns or the default of one
  • Capture the donor's IP address as part of the Lead record in Salesforce

Salesforce Submit

Salesforce Search

Very long and hearty hat tip: Groundswell Movement

The Olympics and Gabby Douglas weren't our only inspiration for this release. Much of the new functionality was the direct result of some great suggestions from the fine folks at the Groundswell Movement.

In addition to being smart, savvy Soapbox users, they're also doing some amazing, important work. Visit their site to join with them in sharing a message or prayer of healing, hope, and solidarity to the Sikh community in Milwaukee that was the victim of violence recently. A most excellent use of a Salesforce Submit form!

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