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Notice of scheduled maintenance window - October 7, 2012


Per earlier notices, an upgrade to the Non-Profit Soapbox 2 server architecture is being completed this evening after 8:00 pm ET. This upgrade is designed to increase the reliability and performance of your website.

Tonight’s update to the server architecture requires that you have made changes to your domain records as notified beginning September 4th with subsequent reminders throughout the month. If you have not made these changes, service to your website will be discontinued until you do so.

Please view the original notice here for details on making the required changes:

Please refer to the above notice for information on what you need to update, and reach out to your domain name registrar for information on how to make the change. PICnet cannot make this change for you, nor can we provide instructions specific to your particular domain registrar on how to do it.  Please reach out to your domain registrar, should you need assistance in making or verifying the change.

We look forward to the increased reliability and performance this upgrade will provide to your website.

Thank you,
The PICnet Support Team

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