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Notice of scheduled Soapbox 2 platform upgrade


This notice is to inform you of a scheduled upgrade to the Non-Profit Soapbox platform to be conducted on Saturday, November 17th starting at 10 pm ET. This upgrade will replace the Non-Profit Soapbox database server with a more powerful, faster piece of hardware which will provide your website with speedier load times and enhanced reliability.

The upgrade window is scheduled to last four hours, beginning at 10 pm ET on Saturday, November 17th and concluding at around 2 am ET on Sunday, November 18th. This four hour window will include a period of approximately 20 minutes of downtime for your website.

In addition, your website administrator will be locked and unavailable for you to access and edit site content during the entirety of this four hour upgrade window. The upgrade window as been scheduled at a time and day intended to minimize the inconvenience this will cause. We will post updates to this forum when the upgrade window begins and when the upgrade has been successfully completed so you will know when you will be able to access your site administrator.

Unlike the load balancer update several weeks ago, the database upgrade will not require you to make any chances to your domain settings, nor take any additional action.

Thank you very much for your patience as we conduct this upgrade next weekend. We are excited to be making this additional investment to improve the Non-Profit Soapbox platform and boost your website's overall performance.

Tim Forbes
VP of Products & Marketing 

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