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Soapbox 2.2.25: Event promo codes, mobile-friendly responsive design features, and more!


With the latest of release of Soapbox, we tossed a bunch of power under the hood of your Soapbox site. That power amps up Soapbox Events, shifts mobile-friendly design capabilities into a whole different gear, and offers more form building power when pushing data to Salesforce.

Let's take a spin around the specifics, shall we?

Features in Soapbox 2.2.25

Soapbox Events

  1. Set Event Capacity: With Soapbox Events, there has always been the ability to limit capacity on a Ticket Type by Ticket Type basis. Now you can set capacity for the entire event beyond just those individual tickets. Knowledge Base article: Soapbox Engage / Non-Profit Soapbox.
  2. Create and offer Promo Codes: If you've got paid tickets for your Soapbox Events, you can now create promotional codes that offer visitors discounts off the list price of one or multiple ticket types for an event. Define the code, limit the number of times it can be used, set the start and end date of the promotion - and then share the code with members, students, supporters, or to whomever you'd like to offer reduced rates for your events. Knowledge Base article: Soapbox Engage / Non-Profit Soapbox.
  3. Embed Promo Codes in event reservation urls: Simplify the use of a promo code for individuals you are offering it to by embedding it within a hyperlink you share with them. Knowledge Base article: Soapbox Engage / Non-Profit Soapbox.
  4. Duplicate Ticket Types and Promo Codes when copying an event: Now, when you copy an existing event, you'll have the Ticket Types and Promo Codes included with the new event. Knowledge Base article: Soapbox Engage / Non-Profit Soapbox.

Responsive design for a mobile-friendly experience

For Soapbox sites with a responsive template that optimizes sites for mobile devices, these features have been added. If you're interested in learning how your site can offer optimized content to mobile users through responsive design, contact us!

  1. Mobile-friendly reservation forms for Soapbox Events: The display of Soapbox Event reservation forms have been optimized when viewed on a smartphone, making it easier for visitors to reserve tickets from any device.
  2. Mobile-friendly calendar views for Soapbox Events: Calendar menu item views have also been optimized for smartphones, making it easier for visitors to view events on any device.
  3. Show or hide specific elements across different screen resolutions: An insanely powerful and flexible set of functionality allows for administrators with responsively-designed website templates to show or hide menu items, form elements, modules, page elements and much more across different screen resolutions to optimize the experience for visitors across desktops, tablets and smartphones. Knowledge Base article: Soapbox Engage / Non-Profit Soapbox.

Salesforce Submit form building

  1. Enable a WYSIWYG editor for text area or rich text area field types: When creating forms to post data to Salesforce, you can now enable a WYSIWYG editor for use by visitors when completing text area or rich text area fields. The editor allows for visitors to easily use basic text formatting and include hyperlinks which are saved to the field in Salesforce.

    This functionality is particularly powerful when records saved to Salesforce using Salesforce Submit are then displayed on a website using Salesforce Search since the Search tool renders HTML formatting contained in a Salesforce field. Knowledge Base article: Soapbox Engage / Non-Profit Soapbox.

Fixes in Soapbox 2.2.25

  • Soapbox Events: Resolved issues with Soapbox Event confirmation page text not displaying as defined in the administrator.
  • Soapbox Events: Resolved issue with Soapbox Event reservations reposting in certain cases when visitors refreshed the confirmation page.
  • Soapbox Events: Altered ticket count in Soapbox so it is updated properly if reservations are deleted in Soapbox Events.
  • Soapbox Events: Resolved error with Return to Event Details link on confirmation page.
  • Salesforce Submit: Ensured that 0 is a valid value when form validation checks required fields on Salesforce Submit forms.
  • Salesforce SearchResolved issue with PDF icon on search list and record views returning an error.

Soapbox 2.2.23 and Soapbox 2.2.24

For those keeping a close eye on release numbering, you'll notice that our announcements skipped from Soapbox 2.2.22 to 2.2.25. Releases 2.2.23 and 2.2.24 were dedicated to new functionality that in limited release:

  • Soapbox Shop in Soapbox 2.2.23: Soapbox Shop is an e-commerce order form solution that intergrates with Salesforce Products. If you're interested in learning more about Soapbox Shop, let us know!
  • Cybersource payment processing in Soapbox 2.2.24: Cybersource is a payment option popular with higher education institutions. It is now available as an option for processing payments in Soapbox Donations, Soapbox Events, and Soapbox Shop. If you've got Cybersource and would like to use it to collect payments online, contact us!

Interested in adding features to your site?

If you're interested in adding Soapbox Events, Salesforce Submit, or responsive design to your site, we're happy to chat! Just let us know!

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