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Soapbox 2.2.26: Enhanced features for online donations and more!


We're pleased to announce several new features added to Soapbox this evening, most with an eye toward empowering your organization to more easily raise funds online as the holiday giving season approaches.

Enhanced one-time and monthly recurring options for Soapbox Donations

Create unique pre-defined payment amounts for one-time vs. recurring monthly payments. Make recurring monthly payments the default to encourage more regular giving, or create forms exclusively for recurring monthly payments. Easily modify settings and text to meet your fundraising needs.

VIDEO: Enhanced payment amount options in Soapbox 2.2.26

VIDEO: Managing payment amount options in Soapbox 2.2.26

Dedication enhancements for Soapbox Donations

Customize the dedication section of your Soapbox Donation form like never before!

VIDEO: Dedication enhancements in Soapbox 2.2.26

PayPal Standard enhancements for Soapbox Donations

Accept recurring payments from a donor's PayPal Standard account to your PayPal Standard account. Have both one-time and initial recurring payments from PayPal Standard saved to your Salesforce instance.

VIDEO: PayPal Standard enhancements in Soapbox 2.2.26

Learn more in our Knowledge Base
Enabling PayPal Standard payment for Soapbox Donations: Non-Profit Soapbox | Soapbox Engage

Confirmation enhancements for Soapbox Donations and Soapbox Events

Ever wish you could customize the confirmation email address for a given Soapbox Donation or Soapbox Events form? Now you can!

Needed to include the list of tickets as part of an event order confirmation email or thank you page? You're in luck!

Learn more in our Knowledge Base
From Email customization in Soapbox Donations: Non-Profit Soapbox | Soapbox Engage
From Email customization in Soapbox Events: Non-Profit Soapbox | Soapbox Engage
Ticket list on thank you pages: Non-Profit Soapbox | Soapbox Engage
Ticket list in confirmation emails: Non-Profit Soapbox | Soapbox Engage

Integration with Affinaquest

Affinaquest is a powerful and versatile tool which uses the platform to manage information for effective fundraising - and, with this release, Soapbox integrates with unique features of Affinaquest. Interested in learning more? Let us know!

Updating your Salesforce packages

To allow the new dedication fields to write to Salesforce, you'll need to upgrade from Soapbox Donations QuickStart for Salesforce 1.4 to 1.5 by logging into your Salesforce instance and clicking this link.

If you're not sure if you have Soapbox Donations QuickStart for Salesforce 1.4 installed, go to Setup > Installed Packages and review the list. If you have any questions or need to install an earlier update, feel free to send us a ticket with the current release number installed in your Salesforce instance.

The upgrade package will install the necessary fields on the Lead and Opportunity objects. Once added, map them from the Lead to the Opportunity object by going to Setup > Customize > Leads > Fields and clicking Map Lead Fields next to Lead Custom Fields & Relationships. Map each of the following to their pair in the Opportunity object:

Tribute Message --> Opportunity.Tribute Message
Tribute Notification Method --> Opportunity.Tribute Notification Method
Tribute Recipient City --> Opportunity.Tribute Recipient City
Tribute Recipient Country --> Opportunity.Tribute Recipient Country
Tribute Recipient First Name --> Opportunity.Tribute Recipient First Name
Tribute Recipient Last Name --> Opportunity.Tribute Recipient Last Name
Tribute Recipient Postal Code --> Opportunity.Tribute Recipient Postal Code
Tribute Recipient State --> Opportunity.Tribute Recipient State
Tribute Recipient Street --> Opportunity.Tribute Recipient Street

Soapbox 2.2.26 Release Notes

This release has a host of features and fixes aside from what's been mentioned here. To review the lot of them, check out the Soapbox 2.2.26 Release Notes.

Many thanks to Global Fund for Women!

The majority of the new features in this release were developed in partnership with the great folks at Global Fund for Women. We couldn't be more honored to have had the pleasure of working with them to bring these new features to all of Soapbox for the betterment of your fundraising efforts.

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