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Soapbox updates: Content editor, e-commerce enhancements, and foreign currencies


We're happy to announce several additions made to Soapbox recently.

Updates to the editor in Soapbox

We've updated the editor used by Soapbox. The essential functionality and structure that you've grown accustomed to haven't changed but a few new additions could make your work in the editor a touch easier. Watch this video to learn of five specific updates.

VIDEO: Five changes to the editor in Soapbox

Full notes for this release can be seen here.

Soapbox Shop for Salesforce e-commerce enhancements

Soapbox Shop provides ecommerce options within Soapbox Engage that integrate with Salesforce. Check out the latest enhancements to Soapbox Shop for displaying and organizing products, and learn how you can use the power of Engage's user integration to restrict a visitor's access to only those products they have permission to view and purchase. 

VIDEO: Soapbox Shop for Salesforce enhancements

Full notes for this release can be seen here.

Foreign currency and Soapbox Donations

Soapbox Donations can now present and process payments in Canadian dollars, British pounds, or Euros. Only one currency type can be used per Soapbox site and your payment processor must be setup to allow for the currency you wish to use. Integrations with Salesforce also require that the underlying Salesforce instance be setup to handle the chosen currency.

Full notes for this release can be seen here.

If you're interested in the possibility of using Soapbox Donations to accept payments in one of these currencies, let us know!

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