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Soapbox update: Improved Soapbox Engage URL customization, Salesforce Search related lists and more!


This fall has brought several key updates to the Soapbox platform. Here's a rundown of the latest additions and enhancements.

Updates to the Soapbox Engage Control Panel and URL Customization enhancements

For those using Soapbox Engage, we've updated the Control Panel by placing the button for customizing your page URLs more intuitively next to the View and Edit buttons, included modules for Shop Stores and Petition Pages for sites using these apps, and included the ability to customize the URL for a page on that page's edit view so, even if it doesn't appear on the Control Panel, you can still access and edit it. That is true for all apps - Donations, Events, Salesforce Search, Salesforce Submit, Shop, and Petitions.

For a quick walk through, watch the video below.

VIDEO: Soapbox Engage Control Panel and URL Customization enhancements

Related Lists for Salesforce Search forms

Within a Salesforce Search form, you can include a Related List Element to display child records of the main form's primary records.

As an example, if you have a Salesforce Search form which is displaying data from the Account object, you could include a Related List Element which would show Contact records associated with a given Account.

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Displaying Salesforce Search form results in a table format

You've always had the ability to display results for a Salesforce Search form in a blog-style with the text running down the page. Now, with a recent release, you are able to alter the display so they appear in a table format.

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Customization and exclusion of picklist values in Salesforce Search forms

If you have a Salesforce Search form which includes a Picklist field from Salesforce, you can choose to customize the values displayed to the end user, replacing the values as defined by Salesforce with those defined in Soapbox.

What is more, for Picklist fields included on the Search Form tab of a form, you can also exclude values which you do not wish to display to visitors.

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Customizing and excluding picklist values in a Salesforce Search form: Non-Profit Soapbox | Soapbox Engage

More efficient communication with Salesforce for fewer API calls

We've enhanced the way Soapbox communicates with Salesforce so it requires fewer API calls.

TouchNet for Soapbox Donations

For those using TouchNet as their payment processor of choice for Soapbox Events payments, you can now use that same processor for Soapbox Donations.

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