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Soapbox Update: Improvements to the User Manager and a fix for My Transactions view


This week saw two updates to the Soapbox platform that made Soapbox more friendly, more helpful, and more accurate.

On Monday, we released updates affecting two elements of the User Manager and login process. The first improves the message displayed to a user on attempted login when they haven't enabled their account yet so it is less abrasive. We're friendly folks. You're friendly folks. We think the new message is more what friendly folks should sound like.

The second addresses a quite silly system email that was sent to new website users when an administrator created an account for them in the User Manager on a site that has Salesforce User Integration and their new account has a matching Contact already in Salesforce. The email body was simply "SEND_MSG_ACTIVATE." This was not helpful. This was also very confusing. Not helpful and confusing are not what we're about so we changed the silly system email to a much smarter one that includes a helpful link to activate their new user account.

On Wednesday, we released an update for Soapbox Donations; specifically, the My Transactions view that allows logged in users to view their donation history. On this view, donations of $1,000 or more were displayed inaccurately by truncating them at the comma, even though the transaction was processed properly and the correct value had been saved to Salesforce. That really ain't cool and has been fixed forthwith. This affected sites using Authorize, CyberSource, and PayPal Website Payments Pro. It did not affect those using TouchNet or Braintree.

Hat tips aplenty to the stellar Soapbox organizations that pointed out these issues and worked with us to resolve them. These include the good folks at Step Up, Alliance for Biking and Walking, United Contractors, World Affairs Council, and Active Minds. Thanks so much!

For additional details on these improvements, check out our release notes here and here.

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