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Soapbox Donations for Salesforce v1.11 released


We are pleased to announce the release of Soapbox Donations for Salesforce v1.11, now available for Soapbox CMS and Soapbox Engage customers integrating Soapbox Donations with Salesforce.

Soapbox Donations for Salesforce v1.11 offers support for the Nonprofit Starter Pack v3 Household Account model.

Package installation

If you have Salesforce integration, you will need to update the Soapbox Donations for Salesforce managed package to Version 1.11. To do so, login to your Salesforce instance and follow this link. You will be guided through the installation process from there.


If you have questions about the new features or how you can add Soapbox Donations or Salesforce integration to your site, let us know!

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