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Soapbox Update: View, search and download transaction data for Soapbox Donations


We've pleased to announce that, with the latest release of Soapbox this evening, you have the ability to view, search, and download data for transactions made through Soapbox Donations within Soapbox itself. This applies to all one-time and initial recurring transactions made on or after September 10, 2015.

The addition of this functionality offers significant benefit to Soapbox administrators for monitoring donations directly in Soapbox and for reconciling transactions between your merchant account and Salesforce, if your Soapbox instance integrates with it.

For details on viewing, searching and downloading transaction information in Soapbox Donations, check out the Knowledge Base articles for Soapbox CMS and Soapbox Engage, respectively.

Big thanks to so many of you in our Soapbox community who offered guidance and encouragement for this feature!

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