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Soapbox Update: Maintenance release


This evening, we released an update to the Soapbox platform to address a few niggling items. Here's the run down of what's been resolved:

General Soapbox updates

  1. Previously, the popup prompting an administrator to select a Salesforce Campaign for an Event, Donations form, or Soapbox Shop Store when saving those pages was appearing if Salesforce integration was enabled for the site but disabled for the individual page. This popup no longer appears if Salesforce integration is disabled for the page.
  2. The Global Check-In functionality - that cute little green check mark icon in the header of the administrator - was not working properly to check locked items back in. This has been resolved.
  3. If an administrator uploaded a PNG file with a transparent background using the Template Designer on Soapbox Engage's control panel, the transparent background became solid black. This has been fixed.

Soapbox Slideshow

  1. If the hyperlink for a Soapbox Slideshow slide was set to open in a new window, it was still opening in the current window, if the slideshow used the Flexslider template. This has been corrected.

Soapbox Events

  1. For Upcoming Event Calendar pages that are filtered by a Term in the menu item and also have the Terms Filter drop down enabled on the front end, the Term set in the menu item was no longer used to filter the results when paginating from month to month. Now that filter remains in place when navigating the calendar.
  2. If a Salesforce Custom Field on attendee form was set to Hidden and contained a Default Value, that value was not being saved to Salesforce. Now that value is making it to Salesforce safe and sound.
  3. When downloading a CSV file of Event Attendees, the export displayed the wrong Soapbox Registration Order ID. This has been fixed.

Special thanks to the Council for Professional Recognition, Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota, and Soapbox Engage Partner Now IT Matters for their assistance in identifying a number of these issues so they could be addressed!

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