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Soapbox Update: Donation email merge field expansion and Events RSS feed improvements


Over the last several days, we've made two updates that will help you get even more out of Soapbox.

The first is the addition of a massive number of merge fields that are available now when you send email confirmations from Soapbox Donations. Prior to this update, you were able to use just four when composing your email text. You now have a total of 34 at your disposal!

For a breakdown of all of these fields, check out the new Knowledge Base article for Soapbox CMS or Soapbox Engage.

The second update was optimizing the Upcoming Events RSS feed to allow for those seeking to target and display the start date and time for an event the tools to do so, if they're up for trying out their development chops! For details, see the Knowledge Base article for Soapbox CMS or Soapbox Engage.

Big thanks to Cambridge in America for collaborating on the Soapbox Donations update and to Data Arts for teaming up on the Upcoming Events RSS feed enhancement!

If you don't have Soapbox Donations or Soapbox Events and are interested in learning more, feel free to hit us up!

Happy Soapboxing!

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