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Soapbox Update: Enhancements to Directories for when things go wrong


As the saying goes, hope for the best but plan for the worst. With this evening's Soapbox update, we've added enhancements to Directories so it performs more smoothly in the unlikely event that trouble arises. Specifically, those enhancements address the following scenarios:

  • Ensure a more graceful failure when a Salesforce connection is no longer available by displaying a message you can define
  • Ensure a more graceful failure when the Salesforce API limit for a 24 hour period has been reached by displaying a message you can define
  • Eliminate any Salesforce API call if a search request to a Directory view contains parameters that don't match a Salesforce field included on the Search Form for the Directory. This enhancement is specifically designed to keep your Salesforce API limit safe from runaway bots hitting Directories pages with invalid requests.

For details on how to define messages, see our new Knowledge Base articles for Soapbox Engage and Soapbox CMS users.

If you don't have the Directories app and would like to learn how it can be used to display searchable Salesforce data in real-time on your site, hit us up!

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