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Soapbox Update: Set a minimum transaction amount for Soapbox Donations forms


With the latest Soapbox update, you now have the ability to set a minimum transaction amount that applies to all donation forms. This is particularly useful in cases where you have set a minimum transaction amount with your payment processor and wish to institute the same minimum requirement in Soapbox itself. It is also a helpful anti-spam measure if you are experiencing a large number of small, fraudulent charges.

Massive thanks to Global Fund for Women, a long-time Soapbox nonprofit, for their partnership in bringing this feature to the platform!

For further details, check out our new Knowledge Base articles for Soapbox CMS and Soapbox Engage. You can also join today's free training webinar, Successful online fundraising with Soapbox Donations, at 1 pm ET to learn more. This 45-minute webinar at 1 pm ET will review the basics of creating Soapbox Donations forms while offering a variety of advanced tips for getting the most out of your online fundraising including the use of this new feature.

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