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Soapbox Update: Automatically generate Facebook Open Graph tags for website articles


With last night's Soapbox update, we've made sharing content over Facebook easier and more effective. When a URL is shared on Facebook, Facebook scrapes the content of that page to extract key elements like the page title, URL, images, and description to populate elements of the Facebook post. To facilitate this process so that it is easier for Facebook to locate the elements it needs when a URL for an individual article is shared from your site, you can now enable a new feature in Soapbox that automatically generates Facebook Open Graph tags.

Currently, this feature is only available for individual article layouts in Soapbox CMS.

For details on how to enable this feature and how to set a default image that will be used for Facebook shares of articles with no image included, check out Enabling automatic creation of Facebook Open Graph tags for individual articles.

If you're a Soapbox Engage user interested in the option of powering your entire website using Soapbox CMS, let us know!

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