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Soapbox Update: Reorder form elements on your Soapbox Donations form


With the latest Soapbox release, you are now able to drag and drop sections of your Soapbox Donations form to easily and quickly reorder them as you see fit. Why would you want to do this? Let's say you want to drive more donations by presenting the donation amount section at the very top of the form with the contact information section following. Now you can easily tackle this with clicks not code in a mater of moments.

What's more, for additional flexibility, we've added the ability to include text elements in the Custom Salesforce Fields section we added recently. With this, you can provide additional context for the custom form fields you're adding.

For more information about reordering sections of the Soapbox Donations form, check out our new knowledge base articles for Soapbox Engage and Soapbox CMS users. For further details on adding text elements to the Custom Salesforce Fields section, we've updated knowledge base articles for Soapbox Engage and Soapbox CMS users as well.

Happy Soapboxing!

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