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Soapbox 2.7.1 Release Notes - Released 6/24/2014


Release date: June 24, 2014
Soapbox 2.7.1 included the following features and fixes:

Soapbox Shop 
fixed.png Updated the rendering of the modal popup for additional product details so it is placed at the top of the page
new.png Choose to show or hide the View More button in the products list that opens the product details modal popup
new.png Choose to show or hide the individual columns headings of the products table in a store
Soapbox Events 
fixed.png Removed the default Ticket Deadline value on Post Event form
fixed.png Altered the Post Event creation process so no ticket is created for a new event if none of the Ticket fields are completed by the visitor
fixed.png Resolve alignment issues with the Price radio options in the Ticket popup of the Event edit view in Firefox
fixed.png Updated Past Events RSS feed so the pubDate matches the date of the event to allow for easier use of third party RSS aggregator tools
fixed.png Resolved issue with the Calendar view so that, if a Taxonomy filter is applied when viewing given month, that same filter will be applied to subsequent months the visitor may view until they remove that filter setting
fixed.png Resolved issue with Taxonomy Terms Menu module so that an Item Id can be set to allow for the admin to control where in the menu structure the resulting view of matching articles appears
fixed.png Resolved conflict causing Soapbox Slideshow to not load properly on pages with commenting enabled
fixed.png Resolved issue with reCAPTCHA not displaying for comment form
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