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Soapbox 2.10.14 Release Notes - Released 4/2/2015


Release date: April 2, 2015
Soapbox 2.10.14 included the following features and fixes:

Soapbox Engage control panel
new.png Folks wanted to play around with Soapbox Engage as part of a free trial before investing the time to integrate it with their own Salesforce account. We created the option to integrate it with our new Soapbox Demo Salesforce Account in the Settings module on the Control Panel. Play away, good folks. Play away!
new.png See above - then wash, rinse, and repeat for the new Soapbox Engage Payments Sandbox option in the Payment Processor Settings module
new.png A Soapbox Engage site can now be set to trial mode for aforementioned play.
new.png Soapbox Engage administrators were getting locked out of forms and other items in Engage with no key to be found. We added a key. It's the little green check mark in the administrator header.
Donations, Events, Petitions, and Shop
new.png If Salesforce integration is enabled for a form but no Campaign has been associated with that form, Soapbox we'll gently remind you when you save the form that it's best to add one. Not to be pushy, mind you. Just 'cause it's looking out for you.
Donations, Events, and Petitions
new.png When a Lead record is created in Salesforce for a transaction, Soapbox now saves the Salesforce Record Id to a secret little place in its database that only it can see. Not to worry. We've got more public plans for that little bit of info later.
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