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Soapbox 2.10.31 Release Notes - Released 7/22/2015


Release date: July 22, 2015
Soapbox 2.10.31 included the following fixes:

Soapbox Donations

  1. RESOLVED: For Donations of amounts greater than three digits, the correct value was sent to the payment processor and Salesforce but was not appearing to logged in users properly, if a site had the My Transactions view that allowed visitors to login and view donations previously made. Rather than the amount being displayed with a comma, the comma was replaced by a decimal and the number as an integer. As an example, a donation of $1,500, while processed properly and saved to Salesforce correctly, would be shown in the My Transactions view as $1.

    This issue affected sites using Authorize, CyberSource, and PayPal Website Payments Pro. It did not affect those using TouchNet or Braintree.
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