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Soapbox 2.10.78 Release Notes - Released 4/7/2016


Release date: 4/7/2016
Soapbox 2.10.78 included the following features and fixes:

Soapbox administrator

  1. If the Salesforce credentials Soapbox has are no longer valid, Soapbox would display this error message from Salesforce in the administrator:

    "INVALID_LOGIN: Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out"

    This message wasn't as clear as it could have been so we've altered it to say:

    "INVALID SALESFORCE LOGIN: Invalid username, password, security token, or user locked out. Salesforce integration is currently off-line for your Soapbox site. To resolve, please update your Salesforce credentials in Soapbox or remove the lock from the appropriate Salesforce user in Salesforce."


  1. Validation messaging and search form logic have been updated to allow a front end user to search using negative numbers and numbers with decimals when the search range feature has been enabled by a Soapbox admin for number and currency fields

User Integration

  1. The Last Login feature of User Integration previously saved the login date upon the initial login by front end users but failed to update the date thereafter. This has been fixed so it is properly updated whenever a front end user logs in.
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