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Support Services Overview


Problems suck. You’re too busy to need to deal with them, and we’re too enamored with your work to have you deal with them any longer than humanly possible. So, let’s turn some problems into opportunities for solutions, shall we?

Who Can Receive Support Services?

  • our community of prospective and active users

When Are Support Services Provided?

  • Monday-Friday, 8:00am ET - 5:00pm ET, excluding US holidays

How Are Support Services Requests Submitted?

  • via your creation of a support ticket at

What's Included in the Scope of Support Services?

Answering of questions related to using our products, including:

  • setup
  • configuration
  • integration
  • features
  • troubleshooting
  • documentation clarification

Additionally, support services covers the following unique feature-based support services that technically require our team to do on your behalf for our products.

Soapbox Engage Feature-Based Support Services

  • minor changes to a Soapbox Engage template’s CSS or HTML
  • implementation of special URL redirects
  • modifications to administrator level users
  • changes to an account’s timezone

Support services is limited to addressing problems in the use and function of our products. If use of our products fails due to issues related to another system (i.e., a payment gateway, etc), our scope of support services will be limited to assisting in the identification of the problem or ruling out our products as the cause of the problem.

We’re also happy to answer questions about the weather, banjoleles, and burritos.

How Are Support Service Requests Processed?

  • we review your ticket
  • we determine if your ticket needs to be routed to a specialized member of our team
  • we determine if your ticket is within the scope of our services
  • we diagnose your issue iteratively with you
  • we celebrate success with you (typically, a dance)
  • we ask you to rate our support

How Do We Process Bug Reports?

  • we determine if the issue is system-wide
  • we log system-wide bug reports in our product engineering systems
  • we determine a relative timeline to solution, in the form of “immediately”, "weeks", "months", "not in the foreseeable future" (we don’t provide specific timelines due to the fast-moving nature of our service)
  • we update you about this information via your support ticket, suggest a workaround if one is reasonably applicable, and close the support ticket
  • we fix the bug
  • we document the bug’s demise in our release announcements

How Does Our Director of Support Services Keep Such An Awesome Mustache?

  • years of training, persistence, and care (and maybe a little pomade).
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