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Setting formats for date and datetime field types when displaying in Directories


When you add a Salesforce Element of type Date or Date/Time to a Directories page, you can set the format in which it is displayed.

To set the format in which the date displays:

  • Navigate to the Directories Manager
  • Click Form Manager
  • Open the form containing the field you wish to define
  • Click the List Display or Record Display tab, depending on where the Salesforce Element has been added
  • Click the Edit Element icon for the Salesforce Element - or click Add Salesforce Element, if the element does not exist yet

  • If you wish to use a predefined format, choose one of the following from the Date Format drop down. Dates will include the time, if the Salesforce field is of type Date/Time rather than simply Date. The time can be hidden from a Date/Time field by inserting a Custom Format instead of the Date Format drop down:
    • Monday, 01 January 2011
    • 01 January 2011
    • 2011-01-31
  • To customize your own date format, enter a desired format into the Custom Format field following PHP strftime standards. Common examples of date-only formats include:
    • %B %e, %G (e.g., July 6, 2011)
    • %m-%d-%g (e.g., 07-06-11)
  • Click Save
  • Click Save of the form view
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