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Adding a Prefix and Suffix to a Salesforce Element


For a Salesforce Element on a Directories page, you can add a prefix and suffix around the Salesforce data. This prefix and suffix can be 1) regular text; 2) HTML; and / or 3) Soapbox Shortcodes.

To add a prefix and suffix to a Salesforce Element:

  • Navigate tot he Directories Manager
  • Click Form Manager
  • Open the form containing the records to which you wish to search and display
  • Go to the List Display or Record Display tab
  • Click the Edit Element icon for the Salesforce Element - or click Add Salesforce Element, if the element does not exist yet
  • For Prefix, enter the text, HTML or Soapbox Shortcode you wish to use
  • For Suffix, enter the text, HTML or Soapbox Shortcode you wish to use. NOTE: If using HTML or a Soapbox Shortcode, make sure that you have the proper closings tags in the Suffix.

  • Click Save
  • Click Save on the form
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