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Defining the separator for Picklist (Multiselect) fields


In Salesforce, you can have Picklist fields that are single select or multiselect. If you include a field that is a Picklist (Multiselect) on a Directories page, you can define the separator that is included between the values, if more than one is selected. The default separate is a pipe (i.e., "|"). In this example, the pipe has been replaced with a comma:


To define the separator:

  • Navigate to the Directories Manager
  • Click Form Manager
  • Open the form containing the records you wish to search and display
  • Go to the List Display or Record Display tab
  • Click the Edit Element icon for the Salesforce Element - or click Add Salesforce Element, if the element does not exist yet
  • For Salesforce Elements referring to a Picklist (Mulitselect) field in Salesforce, the Type will be listed as "multipicklist" and a Value Format entitled Value Separator will be shown in the popup
  • For Value Separator, enter the character(s) you wish to use as the separator between multiple values

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