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Customizing the URL for a Directories Record Detail view


In Directories, the URL of the Record Detail view of a Salesforce record has the following default structure:

You can alter this structure and use another field of your choosing on the Salesforce object that the Directories page is referencing. To do so, you must make sure that that field is required, contains unique values, and uses only web-safe characters so it doesn't contain spaces or other characters not acceptable as part of a valid URL.

To customize the URL of a Directories Record Detail view:

  • Go to the Directories manager
  • Click Form Manager
  • Open the Directories page for which you wish to customize the metadata
  • Click the Options tab
  • In the right column, click Parameters - Record Display
  • At the bottom of the Parameters - Record Display panel, note the URL Slug field with its default of "record/{$Id}"

  • To alter the Record Detail URL, change this field, entering in the Salesforce field of your choosing as ($newfield}

  • Click Save
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