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Displaying related articles on a Directories Record Detail view


With Directories, you have the ability to associate Salesforce records with articles in the content management system and display those articles on the Directories Record Detail view.

To accomplish this, Soapbox matches the value of a Salesforce field of your choosing with the Metadata Information > Keywords field for an article. The field value can be a single word or phrase or are a comma-separated list. The field in Salesforce can be either a Text field or Formula field of type Text.

To setup this functionality:

  1. Create a field on the Salesforce object referenced by a given Directories page to be used by Soapbox for matching purposes
  2. Populate this Salesforce field with content for records you wish to match
  3. Add appropriate matching words in the Metadata Information > Keywords field of an article you wish to match. This field is accessed by clicking the Meta Information module on the right column of an article edit view.

  4. Create a Related Salesforce Records module in the Module Manager and assign it to the Directories page Menu item. For more information, see Add, edit, or delete a Related Salesforce Records module.
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