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Creating a menu item for your Directories page


If your site has the Soapbox CMS (Does my site have the Soapbox CMS?), after you create your Directories page you will need to create a menu item that links to this form so that you can view it on the front end of your site. 

  1. Go to Menus > click on the menu where you want this page to live
  2. Click on the (+)New button in the top right corner of the page
  3. Click on Directories > Directories Page to choose the correct menu type
  4. Fill out the menu item detail fields 
    • Title: This should be what you want the menu item to be called
    • Alias: You can skip this one, it will be automatically created for you based on the title
    • Parent Item: Choose which item you would like your new menu item to be placed underneath. 
    • Published: Choose "Yes" 
    • Access Level: You can leave this as "Public" unless you only want this page to be viewable to people who are logged-in to your site. If that is the case make the access level "Registered"
    • On Click, Open in: You can leave this as "Parent Window with Browser Navigation". 
  5. Fill out the Parameters (Basic)
    • Form: Choose the Directories page that you want to be displayed 
    • Styling Alias: You can likely leave this blank
    • Enable Search Form: Choose "Yes" if you want your visitors to search for their own criteria using visible fields on the Form tab of your Forms page
    • Enable Show/Hide: Choose "Yes" if you want the search fields to collapse or display by the visitor clicking a Show / Hide button next to the form
    • Enable Default Results: Choose "Yes" if you want results to appear on the search form before anyone filters
  6. Click Save
  7. Your menu item will appear on the frontend of your site wherever the menu is published. Otherwise, you can access the page by going to http://{yoursiteurlhere}.org/{alias}.


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