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Viewing attendee information on the Opportunity object in Salesforce


In addition to collecting the contact and payment information from the end user registering for an event, Soapbox Events allows administrators to choose to collect attendee information as well. This information is saved in Soapbox as well as in Salesforce, if Salesforce integration is enabled for an event.

NOTE: You must have Soapbox Events for Salesforce managed package Version 2.0 or greater to have attendee information saved to Salesforce. The current version all of our packages, including the Soapbox Events for Salesforce managed package, as well asa links to upgrade can be found here: How Do I Manage My Soapbox Engage Packages in Salesforce?

In addition Soapbox Events for Salesforce managed package Version 2.0 requires EITHER the Enterprise Edition of Salesforce OR the following versions of the Nonprofit Success Pack managed packages or higher: Contacts and Organizations, v. 2.1.2, Households v.2.4.4, Relationships v. 1.52, Affiliations v 1.55. Click here to access the latest packages.

Soapbox Events for Salesforce process for onboarding attendee information to Salesforce

Soapbox Events uses a two-step process for saving event registration information. First, it creates a Lead record with the details of the registration. Second, it creates individual records for each attendee in a temporary Salesforce object called Ticket Temp.

A unique Soapbox Registration Order Id is saved to both the Lead record and the individual Ticket Temp records. This Soapbox Registration Order Id is used to match the records upon Lead conversion.

Viewing attendee information in Salesforce on the Opportunity object

After a Soapbox Registration Lead has been converted, either automatically through Soapbox Events for Salesforce or manually if you are reviewing a Lead that has been flagged for review, an Opportunity is created for the event registration.

Once the Opportunity has been created, all records for attendees are matched with the new Opportunity and visible in the Tickets Related List.

You may also view attendee information in a Report which can be linked to from the Campaign associated with the event.

Tickets Related List
For screenshot of full sample Opportunity record, click here


Clicking on the Ticket Name will allow you to view the full Ticket record:


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