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Adding a menu item to display a monthly Calendar


If your site has the Soapbox CMS (Does my site have the Soapbox CMS?), with Soapbox Events, you can create a menu item that displays a monthly calendar of events that an end user can flip through from month to month. This calendar can be filtered by a Term or Terms, if you are using Taxonomy to associate Terms with Soapbox Events. You can also display a drop down which the end user can use to filter by a term of their choosing.

To create a menu item displaying Upcoming Events:

  1. Go to Menus > Main Menu (or the menu where the menu item is located)
  2. Click New
  3. From Select Menu Item Type, click Events
  4. In the options that expand under Events, click Calendar > Month
  5. In the Title field, type the name of the menu item that you wish to display to the end user
  6. Leave the Alias field blank. Non-Profit Soapbox will automatically create a web-friendly URL for you based on the title field. If you would like to customize the url, you can do so by entering text in the Alias field.
  7. Under Parent Item, select the appropriate menu item the new link should fall under.  If it is a main level item, do not select anything.
  8. For Access Level, leave it as Public. If you have a password-protected area of the site and wish to only display this menu item to logged in users, choose Registered.
  9. Under Parameters (Basic) in the right column, for Show Introduction, choose which option you prefer to display or not display any introductory text included in the Event Details 
  10. For Page Intro, enter the text you wish to display at the top of the page above the events list. You can include images, embedded video and other elements.
  11. For Parameters Advanced, if you wish to display only events associated with a given Taxonomy Term, click the Select button next to Select Term 
  12. In the popup, select the Taxonomy Term or Terms you wish the events in the calendar to be associated with

  13. For Terms Filter, choose whether or not you wish to display a drop down of terms which will allow the end user to filter events displayed in the calendar by a term of their choosing. This drop down will either show all Taxonomy Terms for your site or only those under the parent Term selected for Soapbox Events in the Configuration.
  14. Click Save


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