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Auto-notify dedication recipients of donations using Salesforce workflows


When your donors make a donation on your Soapbox Engage Donations app page that includes a dedication ("In honor of" or "In memory of"), this dedication information is captured in custom fields on the Opportunity record.  If your organization would like to send a notification of this dedication to the dedication's recipient, you can create a simple workflow in Salesforce to automate the sending of a dedication email.

  1. Login to your Salesforce account
  2. Create an email template
    1. Go to Setup > Administer > Communications Templates > Email Templates
    2. Click New button and follow steps to create the email template to be used for sending messages to the dedication recipient
  3. Create an email alert workflow rule
    1. Go to Setup > Build > Create > Workflow & Approvals > Email Alerts
    2. Click the New Email Alert button
    3. Use the following options to create an email alert
      1. Description: “Soapbox Donations dedication notification”
      2. Unique Name: “Soapbox_Donations_dedication_notification”
      3. Object: “Opportunity”
      4. Email Template: (the name of the email template you just created)
      5. Recipient Type: select “Email Field” from the dropdown, and then move “Email Field: Tribute Email” from the Available Recipients column to the Selected Recipients column
    4. Click the Save button
  4. Create a Workflow Rule
    1. Go to Setup > Build > Create > Workflow & Approvals > Workflow Rules
    2. Click the New Rule button
    3. Select the “Opportunity” object, and click the Next button
    4. Configure the workflow rule as follows
      1. Rule Name: “Soapbox Donations dedication notification”
      2. Evaluate the rule when a record is: “created”
      3. Run this rule if the following: “criteria are met”
      4. Field: “Opportunity: Tribute Email”
      5. Operator: “not equal to”
      6. Value: (leave this blank)
    5. Click the Save & Next button
    6. Click the Add Workflow Action
    7. Choose Action Type: “Email Alert”
    8. Move “Email Alert: Soapbox Donations dedication notification“ from Available Actions to Selected Actions
    9. Click the Save button
    10. Click the Done button
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