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View, search, and export transaction data in Soapbox Donations


You can view, search, and export data for transactions made through Soapbox Donations. Information is available for all one-time transactions and initial recurring transactions made through Soapbox Donations on or after September 10, 2015.

To view, search and export data, click Donations in the main menu of your administrator and then click the Transactions icon. Once view the Transactions table:

  • To sort data by a given column, click the column heading
  • To search transactions, enter text or a date in the Filter field and click Go. The filter will search for transactions matching by First Name, Last Name, E-mail, Created Date, Transaction Id or Subscription Id. Only exact matches will be returned for Transaction Id or Subscription Id. To search a specific date, click the calendar icon next to the filter field or enter a date using the format YYYY-MM-DD.
  • To clear a previous search and display all records, click the Reset button next to the filter
  • If you wish to view the Soapbox Donation form within the administrator used to process the transaction, click the title of the donation form in the Donation Form column
  • If your Soapbox site integrates with Salesforce, you can determine if Soapbox successfully created a Lead record in Salesforce for a given transaction by viewing the Salesforce Lead Record Id column.

    NOTE: The Salesforce Lead Record Id is currently not displayed in Soapbox Donations > Transactions for transactions completed offsite directly with the TouchNet payment processor or PayPal Standard, even though a Salesforce Lead Record has been created. Only transactions completed onsite through, Braintree, CyberSource, iATS Payments, or PayPal Website Payments Pro will display a Salesforce Lead Record Id.

  • To download a CSV file of the transaction data shown in the Transactions table, click Export

    NOTE: The CSV download includes payee address data not displayed in the Transactions view for transactions occurring March 29, 2017 or later which were completed onsite through, Braintree, CyberSource, iATS Payments, or PayPal Website Payments Pro. If Braintree hosted payments fields was enabled for these transactions, the zip code will not be included.
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