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View, search, and export transaction data in the Donations app


You can view, search, and export data for transactions made through the Donations app or added manually in the administrator. Information is available for all one-time transactions, initial recurring transactions, and subsequent recurring transactions.

To view, search and export data, go to the Transactions view of the Donations app. Once viewing the Transactions table:

  • To sort data by a given column, click the column heading or choose the desired option from the Sort By drop down
  • To search transactions by name or email of the donor, enter the string to be searched in the Search by Name or Email field and click enter or mouse out of the field
  • For advanced search options, click the filter icon to expand the filter pane contained the following parameters:
    • Created Date: Search All Transactions, Today's Transactions, Last Month's Transactions, This Month's Transactions or enter in a specific date range to zero in on exactly the time frame in which you're interested
    • Payment Amount: Search for transactions of an exact amount, up to a maximum, above a minimum, or between two values 
    • Frequency: Search All Frequencies, One-time, Monthly, or Annual transactions.
    • Payment Occurrence: Search All Occurrences, One-time, Initial recurring, Subsequent recurring, or All recurring.
    • Transaction Id: Search for a specific Transaction Id or for all transactions without a Transaction Id
    • Subscription Id: Search for a specific Subscription Id or for all transactions without a Subscription Id
    • Donation Form: Search for transactions processed through a specific form. Just start typing the name of the form and Soapbox will help you auto-complete the name you're after.
    • Transaction Description: Enter a text string to find a transaction description you're seeking
    • Salesforce Lead Record Id, if Salesforce integration is enabled for your site: Search for a specific Salesforce Lead Record Id or for all transactions without a Salesforce Lead Record Id
    • Donation Import Record Id, if Microsoft integration is enabled for your site: Search for a specific Donation Import Record Id or for all transactions without a Donation Import Record Id
    • Id: Search for a specific Soapbox Id
    • Fraud Status: Search All Transactions, Valid Only, or Fraud Only. The default for the view is set to Valid Only.
  • To restore the defaults for the filter pane, click the Clear All link at the bottom of the form and click Save

To export all transactions as a CSV file, click the Export icon.

To view further details of any Transaction, click the hyperlinked name in the Name column.

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