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Reposting transactions to Salesforce that failed to create a Lead when initially processed


With Soapbox Donations, when a donation is processed, a Salesforce Lead record is created for that transaction. This transaction is also added to the Transactions view in Soapbox Donations and, if it was completed onsite through, Braintree, CyberSource, or PayPal Website Payments Pro - as opposed to offsite with PayPal Standard or TouchNet - the Salesforce Lead Record Id of the record Soapbox created will be displayed.

Should the creation of that Salesforce Lead record fail for some reason - either due to a temporary communication issue between Soapbox and Salesforce or a setting in either Salesforce or Soapbox - you have the option to repost that transaction as a Lead to Salesforce.

To repost a transaction as a Salesforce Lead, click Donations in the main menu of your administrator and then click the Transactions icon. In the Transactions view:

  1. Find the transaction you wish to repost to Salesforce as a Lead
  2. In the Salesforce Lead Record Id column for that transaction, confirm that the link Create Lead is present
  3. Click Create Lead
  4. On the subsequent page, review the information to confirm that this transaction is the one you wish to post to Salesforce
  5. If you wish to continue in the process, click Create Lead in the upper right. If you do not wish to continue, click Cancel.
  6. If Soapbox was successfully able to create a Salesforce Lead record, the Transaction view will refresh and the transaction record will show the new Salesforce Lead Record Id. You can use this Lead Record Id to view the data in Salesforce by appending it to the end of the URL when logged into Salesforce (e.g., https://[podId]{Id})
  7. If Soapbox was not able to successfully create a Salesforce Lead record, the Create Lead view will refresh and display any relevant error message from Salesforce. You may use this error message to troubleshoot the issue within Salesforce. Should you need further assistance, feel free to open a ticket and share the error message with us. We'll be happy to assist.

What if my Salesforce credentials were not valid when the original transaction was processed?

If the creation of the Lead record could not be executed at the time of the transaction because your Salesforce credentials were not valid at the time, the Create Lead button will not be available for that transaction. Instead, you will need to manually create the record in Salesforce. To do so, you can access the full details of the transaction by using the Export button on Donations > Transactions. For further details, see View, search and export transaction data in Soapbox Donations.

Once you have the transactions details, you can create a Lead in Salesforce and add it to the appropriate Campaign. Once you add it to the appropriate Campaign, the Soapbox auto-conversion process will be triggered, as happens when Soapbox creates a new Lead record itself.

Alternatively, you can create an Opportunity (e.g., Donation in the Nonprofit Success Pack) and manually associate it with an Account (e.g., Organization) and Contact, if you wish.

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