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Setting a minimum transaction amount across all Soapbox Donation forms


With Soapbox Donations, you have the ability to set a minimum transaction amount that applies to all donation forms for both one-time and recurring donations. This is particularly useful in cases where you have set a minimum transaction amount with your payment processor and wish to institute the same minimum requirement in Soapbox itself. It is also a helpful anti-spam measure if you are experiencing a large number of small, fraudulent charges.

If this is set, any attempted one-time or recurring transaction less than that amount will not be processed and the end user will be shown the following message:

"We're sorry, but the payment amount is lower than the minimum allowed on this payment page."

To set a minimum transaction amount:

  • Navigate to the Donations Manager
  • Click Configuration
  • On the Payments tab, enter the minimum payment amount you wish to accept for all Soapbox Donation forms. The value should not include a currency sign.

  • Click Save
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