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Selecting the format for results in the Directories List Display view


With Directories, you have the choice of displaying results of the search in a blog or table format. The blog format will show the results vertically down the page. The table format will display them in rows of a table with the labels of the included fields shown in the header row. The default for all Directories pages is the blog format.

To alter the format of the results shown in the List Display view:

  1. Open the Directories page you wish to alter
  2. Click the Options tab
  3. In the right column, click Parameters - List Display
  4. For Format, select Blog or Table
  5. Click Apply

After apply the change, you'll need to update the elements on the List Display to place them in the proper View Positions for the format selected. For more on View Positions, view Arranging Salesforce data with View Positions when using Table Format and Arranging Salesforce data with View Positions when using Blog Format.

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