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Defining default search criteria in the Search Form tab


As an administrator, you have the ability to define the default search criteria for a given Directories page. To do so:

  • Open the Directories page you wish to customize
  • Click on the Search Form tab
  • Click Add Salesforce Element
  • In the popup, choose the Salesforce field you wish to use as part of the default criteria.
  • For Hidden, choose Yes. This will restrict visitors from altering the default criteria. If you wish to display the Search Form so that visitors may enter their own search criteria for some fields, you can include Salesforce elements with Hidden set to No. These Salesforce elements can be with or without Default Values but know that users will be able to alter the Default Value, if one has been provided, for any visible Salesforce element.
  • For Default Value, enter the value you wish to search for in Salesforce. For text values, any Salesforce record containing the string you enter as the Default Value will be returned. As an example, if you have chosen a field called State and enter "New" as the Default Value, all values for New Mexico, New York, and New Jersey will be returned.
  • Click Save
  • If you wish to add additional criteria, click Add Salesforce Element and repeat the process
  • Click Save for the form

To determine whether or not the Search form is visible to visitors and whether or not default results are displayed when they first view the page containing the form, see Customizing the URL, Page Title, and default behavior of a Soapbox Search page.

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