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Allowing visitors to search for Salesforce records within a geographic radius


In Directories, you can allow visitors to search for U.S. locations within a given radius of an address they provide. To do so, you must display the search form to the visitor so they can provide their address and the object referenced by the Search form must have valid U.S. address fields.

To enable the radius search:

  • In the Soapbox Engage administrator menu, click Directories
  • Click Form Manager
  • Open the form containing the records with the address fields you wish to search
  • Go to the Options tab
  • In the right column, view Parameters - Search Form

  • For Radius Field, enter the field name containing the zip code you wish to use for the radius search. For example, if you were searching on the Contact object and wished to use the Mailing Zip Code, enter "MailingPostalCode" - without the quotes.
  • For Address Fields, enter a pipe delimited list of the address fields for this record. For example, if you were searching on the Contact object and wished to use the mailing address, enter "MailingStreet|MailingCity|MailingState|MailingPostalCode" - without the quotes.
  • For Build Markers, choose Update
  • In the right column, click Parameters - Record Display
  • For Map Record, select if you would like a map inset to appear on the Record Display view
  • Go to the Search Form tab
  • Add the same Salesforce field you identified in the Radius Field by clicking Add Salesforce Element, as you would any other Salesforce Element. This will add the zip code field as a search field on the form with a drop down allowing the visitor to select the size of the radius search in miles or kilometers.
  • Click Save
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