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Viewing attendee information for a Reservation in the Events app


If you have enabled collection of attendee information during the registration process, you can view details for each attendee on the Reservation detail view.

To view attendee information:

  • Open the Reservation detail view that contains the attendee information
  • On the Reservation detail view, scroll down to the Ticket Information section
  • View the following details for each ticket reserved:
    • Ticket Type
    • Ticket List Price
    • Ticket Price: the price of the ticket after any discounts were applied
    • Fair Market Value: an optional value you can set for a given Ticket Type
    • Ticket Discount Code: this will be populated if the registrant used a discount code that was successfully applied to the ticket
    • Soapbox Ticket Id: unique identifier for each ticket
    • Attendee Information: standard and custom fields on the Event registration Attendee Information form
    • Virtual Meeting Details: Zoom Meeting Id, Zoom Registrant Id, and Zoom Join URL for each ticket, if the Event is integrated with Zoom and Zoom registrants were created for an attendee


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