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Creating your Soapbox Engage custom header


You can upload a custom header image that will be seen on the top of your Soapbox Engage donations, events, submit, and search pages.  Since this header image will be the same for all your pages, so you may want to include your logo and some general branding to give your Soapbox Engage web pages your own look-and-feel.  

We recommend designing your header in an image editing program such as Adobe Photoshop, Pixlr, Picnik, or a free open source option such as GIMP (yay open source!).

You’ll need to create your image according to the following specs:

Size (in pixels): 960px wide by 120px tall
Resolution: 72px
File Types: PNG, JPG, or GIF

If you choose not to upload your own header image, your pages will have the default header for Soapbox Engage (not too shabby, eh?):


Watch the video below to get step by step instructions on how to update your site and add a custom header and page title.

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