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Adding your Google Analytics information to Soapbox Engage


If you use Google Analytics, you can add your account information into Soapbox Engage. To do so:

  1. Login to the Soapbox administrator
  2. On the right side of the Control Panel, click the Google Analytics 4 module title
  3. For Enabled, select Yes
  4. For Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID, insert your account's Measurement Id provided by Google. You can choose to include the initial "G-" or not.
  5. Click Save Google Analytics 4 Settings

Understanding Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Cross-Domain Tracking

Cross-domain tracking involves a configuration that allows tracking of user interactions across different domains as a single session. This is particularly useful when a user navigates between sites (e.g., from a main website to a separate event registration platform) and the organization wants to track that user's journey as a unified experience rather than separate sessions. This can help in understanding user behavior and measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns across different domains.

In GA4, cross-domain measurement is configured within the Google Analytics interface, not solely in the code snippet. You'll specify the domains you want to include in the cross-domain measurement in the GA4 property settings (including the Soapbox Engage domain). This ensures that when users move between your site and the Soapbox Engage app, their interactions are tracked as a single, continuous session.

NOTE: If you are upgrading for Universal Analytics, you may choose to set that module as disabled in the Control Panel.
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