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Clearing Salesforce cache in Soapbox manually


To enhance performance, Soapbox Engage caches data and database structural elements from Salesforce. This cache is cleared for a specific database record whenever it is updated through Soapbox Engage. The entire cache is refreshed whenever the cache is set to expire - every 24 hours by default - or when the cache is cleared manually.

Clearing cache manually

To clear the cache manually, use the Clear Cache icon in the header of your Soapbox Engage administrator near the Editor Toggle. To do so, simply click the icon with the two arrows creating a circle, as seen here:


Additional steps, if needed

If you have added, edited or deleted an option on a Picklist in Salesforce and this change is not reflected on Donations, Events, Directories or Forms pages, open the form in question, open the Salesforce Element for the Picklist field, and click Save without making any changes. This will cause the values to refresh and reflect the current state in Salesforce.

NOTE: It is possible to turn off caching or reduce the Cache Time. Neither of these are recommended, however, as they may negatively affect site performance.

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