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How do I locate Salesforce field names?


There are a number of features in Soapbox Engage that allow you to use field values from Salesforce. To use these, you must use the Salesforce field name. This can be located both in Salesforce and in Soapbox.

Locating Field Names in Salesforce

To locate the Field Names for your Contact object in Salesforce, go to Setup > Customize > Contacts > Field Names. The Field Name is identified in the middle column of this view:


sfdc-contact-gears.pngIf you are viewing the Contact object, you can use the blue tab with the arrow on the right of the page to easily access the Setup view in Salesforce. After clicking the arrow, a panel will expand. Click View Fields.

Locating Field Names in Soapbox

The Field Name for Salesforce is shown in brackets for a Salesforce Element for Directories and Forms pages. if you've included the Contact field you wish to use as the Default Value for a form, you can see that Field Name in Soapbox.

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