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Creating a Weekly Email Report of Stuck Soapbox Engage Leads


Sometimes data needs review by a human to determine if it matches a contact in your database or not. In these cases (as described in greater detail here), data stays in the Lead object until it can be reviewed by a human and converted appropriately. 

One of the ways you can be notified of any stuck leads is to create and schedule an automated email report of any fuzzy matched leads that are stuck and need review and manual conversion. This is most useful when lead conversion is not super time-sensitive and is most appropriate for data that can be converted an a weekly basis instead of real-time (such as donations, newsletter signups, etc). For membership payments or event registrations that need admin action immediately if a lead gets stuck, please see this other article on creating real-time admin alerts for stuck leads.

Estimated time: 15 minutes

Step 1: Create a report of stuck leads

  1. Log in to your Salesforce account
  2. Hop over to the Reports tab
  3. Click the "New Report" button
  4. Select the Report Type: "Leads" and click the "Create" button
  5. Using the report builder, add one or more of the filters below to match the Engage tools you are using. Note that you can split these filters into separate reports if the email should go to different users or be scheduled at different times.
    1. Donation Match Review Needed equals True (if using Soapbox Donations)
    2. Registration Match Review Needed equals True (if using Soapbox Events)
    3. Lead Record Type = Soapbox Submit (if using a Soapbox Submit form to the Lead object)
    4. Petition Match Review Needed equals True (if using Soapbox Petitions)
  6. Change your Filter logic to read 1 OR 2 OR 3 OR 4 (as needed based on the criteria used from above)
  7. Include any fields in the column that you'd like to see in your report such as the Lead's Name, Company/Organization, Email, Lead Record Type, etc. 
  8. Save your report with a name such as "Fuzzy Matched Leads Report" in an appropriate folder.

Step 2: Schedule your report

  1. Run the report you created in Step 1. 
  2. Click the "Schedule Future Runs" option from the Run Report drop down. 
  3. On the next page, select the user you want to send the report to and choose a frequency (we recommend weekly) and preferred time for your report email. 
  4. Save your report schedule. 

That's it! Going forward, you'll get a nice report in your Inbox of any leads that have fuzzy matches and need manual review and conversion. If you need help on what to do with those leads from here, please see our post on Responding to Leads marked as Match Review Needed.

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