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Connecting Soapbox to a Salesforce Sandbox account


To connect your Soapbox Engage site to your Salesforce Sandbox account:

  1. Login to your administrator
  2. In the right column of the control panel, click Settings to expand the module
  3. Enter the following values in the module for your Sandbox account. These will be different than your production account. For information on creating and managing a Sandbox, review's documentation. NOTE: Once these credentials are entered and saved, the values are encrypted in the database for security reasons and not displayed in these fields.
    1. For Salesforce Username, enter the username of the account you wish to use when Soapbox accesses the install
    2. For Salesforce Password, enter the password for this account
    3. For Salesforce Security Token, enter the security token for this account.
    4. For Salesforce WSDL, choose Sandbox
  4. Click Save Salesforce Account Settings
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