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Creating or editing a product in the Products Manager


Products are items for sale which can be included in one or multiple Shop Stores as well as purchased through the Shop shopping cart experience.

Adding a product

To create a product:

  • Open the Shop Products Manager
  • Click New
    NOTE: If you have Salesforce integration enabled and wish to associated this product with a Price Book Listing in your Salesforce account, you may wish to select the Price Book Listing first as this will auto-populate the Name, Product Code, and List Price fields from Salesforce.
  • On the Basics tab, for Name, enter text you wish to display to visitors as the name of the product
  • For Alias, leave this blank. The system will auto-create it on save based on the Name you provide
  • For Product Code, enter a string you wish to use to identify this product. This will not be displayed to visitors.
  • For Product Summary, enter the summary of the product which will appear to visitors on the product list of a store
  • For Internal Description, enter a description that you wish to use for internal purposes only
  • For Published, choose Yes or No
  • For List Price, enter the price at which you wish to sell this product
  • For Tax Deductible Amount, enter an amount which is tax deductible, if it applies. This value is not displayed to visitors and is only used for internal bookkeeping purposes.
  • If your site has Salesforce integration enabled and you wish to restrict access to this product to logged in users whose Contact records match a specific value. To do so:
    • For Custom Field, enter the Salesforce field name of your choosing as ($FieldName}. To locate the Field Names for your Contact object in Salesforce, go to Setup > Customize > Contacts > Field Names. The Field Name is identified in the middle column of this view.
    • For Custom Field Value, enter the value you wish to match. Any record whose field includes the value will be given access to this product. For example, if you specify "business" as the value, any Contact whose Custom Field has the value of "Small Business" will be granted access.
  • For Status, select "In Stock", "Out of Stock", "Discontinued", or "Not Available". This Status will displayed across all stores for this product. Only products with a Status of "In Stock" are available for purchase.
  • For PricebookEntry, if your site has Salesforce integration enabled, you may click Select to associate this product with a given Price Book Entry in Salesforce.
  • For Product Image, select an image previously uploaded or upload a new one
  • For Shippable, select Yes or No to designate the product as an item that must be shipped to the purchaser. Products designated as Shippable can have price-based shipping applied to them.
  • For Track Inventory, select Yes or No. If you select Yes, enter the current inventory amount in the Quantity Available parameter that appears.
    NOTE: If you had previously saved the product and are now editing it to enable tracking inventory, you will need to adjust inventory on the Inventory tab.
  • For Variants, select Yes or No. If you select Yes, you will need to create variant options and variants after initially saving the product.
  • In the Shopping Cart Settings section, set the Minimum Quantity and Maximum Quantity of this product that can be added to the Shop shopping cart at a given time
  • In the Custom Salesforce Fields section, if you wish to add custom questions to be presented to the visitor for this product, click Add Salesforce Element. In the modal popup, select which field you wish to add from the OLI Temp object, define the settings as you wish, and click Save. Repeat for each field you wish to add.
  • In the Terms section, select the term or terms you wish to apply to this product
  • If your site uses the Soapbox portal add on, you may set the Access Level of a given product. To do so, click the Details module to expand it and select either Registered or Special.
  • Click Save

You may also wish to enable a popup for this product when it appears in a Shop Store that displays additional information. For more details, see Enabling and defining the contents of the Product Description popup for a Product in a Shop Store.

NOTE: If you associate a product with a Price Book Entry in Salesforce, the Name, Product Code, and List Price fields auto-populate on initial selection. They do not update thereafter based on changes in Salesforce. If you make changes in Salesforce, you will need to manually update them for the product in Soapbox.

Editing a product

To edit an existing product:

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