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Enabling credit cards, PayPal and invoicing as payment options for a Store


As an administrator, you are able to allow visitors to pay by major credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa), through PayPal, or by invoice.

The major credit card option will process the payment through your chosen payment processor that integrates with Soapbox without the visitor ever leaving your site. The options include PayPal Website Payments Pro,, Braintree, and CyberSource.

The PayPal option will send the visitor to PayPal itself to complete the transaction.

The invoicing option will not accept payment immediately but will require you to invoice the orderer to receive payment.

To enable your desired options:

  • In the administrator, navigate to the Shop Manager
  • Open the store for which you wish to set payment options
  • Click the Payment Form tab
  • For Major Credit Cards under Billing Information, choose Show or Hide
  • For Enable PayPal Button, choose Use Global Config (if you've set a default in Shop > Configuration), Yes, or No
  • If you have chosen to Enable PayPal Button, fill in your PayPal account's email address for PayPal Email Address
  • For Enable Invoicing, choose Show or Hide
  • Click Save
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